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Avrilfan 21 Feb, 2014

which stores in the uk are selling the blind pack figures? as I cant find them anywhere?

djwilkie05 25 Jan, 2014

I know

hey123abc 11 Jan, 2014

yayyy it is .... AWSOME. rangers for life son

laval33 2 Aug, 2013

OMG! Last Tuesday I order a mega bloks SPD green rangers space ship!!!!!!!!!!!

Junior56 18 Jun, 2013

I love mega force

seaman1010 21 Apr, 2013


klebism 13 Mar, 2013

really love the sets

jsfunstuff1 4 Mar, 2013

Play monster truck games

juniormech 3 Mar, 2013

Sorry, did i made a mistake?

juniormech 3 Mar, 2013

Bandai is the best place where to buy toys and other stuff.

cburg12 18 Feb, 2013


cburg12 18 Feb, 2013


Belfeld 31 Jan, 2013

When will this be availble to buy in the Netherlands. It's a downright shame that my son really loves these sets. Where can I buy this???? This is exactly the same for the Bandai Action Figures.

ivanmuso 23 Jan, 2013

Hi!! the folding zords are is a shame that there was no turtle zord and pink ranger at all so the collection could be complete. Still as of now the lion ape and bear zord are so fun to build.

zuleco 7 Jan, 2013


blackbox1616 1 Jan, 2013

Are You Going To Make And You Should Make The Bull MegaZord And The Light MegaZord

maryam 30 Dec, 2012

hi how are you

manspider 27 Dec, 2012

I am 13 years old and I love to build them I have the LION,DRAGON,AND the APE ONE TOO.

joshzb 27 Dec, 2012


Mysteriosupafan 26 Dec, 2012

Just bought the hero packs there awesome

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