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    About this toy

    Prepare for the ultimate Ranger versus Nighlok battle as Deker and the Red Ranger square off in a one-on-one duel with the Red Ranger Showdown by Mega Bloks! Deker flies over the city in his Nighlok fighter and fires its real-working missile launcher at the Red Ranger in his Red Samurai Hydrofoil! Red Ranger returns fire with its spin-disc launcher, forcing Deker to land and attack using the powerful Uramasa! Red Ranger fearlessly meets Deker blade-to-blade in battle damaged armor with his Fire Smasher!

    You decide who wins!

    Rangers Together! Samurai Forever!

    Ideal for children ages 5 and up.


    • Buildable Nighlok fighter with Deker, Power Rangers Hydrofoil with Battle-Damaged Red Ranger
    • 4 rebuilding possibilities
    • Deker includes armor, mask and Uramasa sword
    • Vinyl Stickers Included! Allows for continued re-labeling on rebuilds!
    • Keep sticker sheets to hold stickers while you rebuild
    • Red Ranger includes battle-damaged armor, helmet, belt and Fire Smasher
    • Building steps online @ megabloks.com/powerrangers
  • Instructions (PDF)

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